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Uncovering Some Common Anxiety Symptoms

Cautionary statements for medical and health aspects such as  heart attacks or seizures seem to be showing up all over our television of late.  TV and radio advertisements notify us what to do should we experience dizziness, passing out, numbness, and the like.  However, hardly ever will you witness an advertisement explaining common anxiety symptoms, which is especially inconsiderate considering so many us go through them and are very confused by them.

Having anxiety symptoms is exceptionally common in our modern culture, when we exposed to high pressure situations on a sporadic basis.  Whether it’s the despair that we’re lost in an uncharted location or we’re going to be late for a critical appointment or when the phone rings loudly, we all face anxiety at some point in our lives.  Thousands of people however may face anxiety symptoms for what appears to be no cause whatsoever, and might confuse them with the symptoms of getting a seizure or some alternate medical condition.  People who suffer from panic attacks frequently confuse these symptoms.

Anxiety disorder symptoms are obviously unique for everyone, and sometimes it’s apparent that they’re just having anxiety – right before speaking in public, when you’re about to be married, when you open your front door and see a couple of thugs standing there; these events might easily make any of us anxious and nervous!  However for most of us, anxiety symptoms may also include shallow breathing, heart contractions, vommiting, chest pains, irregular breathing, tingling or numbness in the fingers, face, or toes.  Stomach aches, and headaches are not unusual either.  You can see how these conditions could actually be confused with a heart attack or asthma or any number of other conditions.

If you get these anxiety symptoms on a frequent basis, and especially if they happen to happen for no reason, you should probably visit your doctor.  At the outset, you will want to rule out the chances of it being a heart attack or something that serious.  After that, he or she can prescribe medications or therapy that can help you live with the anxiety symptoms while simultaneously working with you to find out why you’re tense and anxious to begin with.  You might have some chemical imbalances in the brain or could need to incorporate a number of new positive techniques on how to process stressful situations so as to be able to reduce the start of a panic attack before it gets too severe.

I managed to overcome my panic disorder after years of hassle and dragging my family through the terror with me.  The cure I used was entirely natural, medication-free and didn’t require lengthy counseling – I’m happy to report that I’ve been free of anxiety for a number of years now, I only wish I had discovered it years sooner.

You can find out more about the program that saved my life at my how to cure anxiety blog.

Making The Most Of Your Time

We all have a limited time on this planet and we should aim to make the best use of it. Each day has 24 hourly parts so try to enjoy every one of them. When we are limited to just three hundred and sixty-five days each year we surely should try to make the most of each and every one of them. We don’t know just how much time we have left but the years we have should be the best years of our lives.

The limits of time are one of those very rare things that has no flexibility whatsoever. You lifespan is limited and you can’t have more so it isn’t like other things in life where you can make more money or have more food. The one constant thing in our lives is that time continues whatever we do. You can only ever achieve what is possible in the time you have.

So once we accept that time is limited we should be looking to get more value from every single minute we have. The phrase time management is a term we associate with business efficiancy but we can all learn time management skills and use the techniques in our daily lives to achieve more or what we want from life.

Whatever it is that you would like to achieve. With more time available you will be able to spend more time with your family and doing the things you want to do. Your hopes and plans will be different to mine but if you can free up more of your time you can do more of what you want to do.

Think about how your time is used up each day so you can get more out of your time tomorrow. By studying where our time has been used up we can better judge how in future we will do these things.

If you were looking back on what you did this week from some point in your future life. It is unlikely you will look back and wish you had watched more TV? You could have spent the time with your partner enjoying a night out or playing with your kids?

Very few people could honestly say they don’t waste some time each day. We all do things that are simply there to use up time each day. You could do something more worthwhile than that. You will never get those hours or minutes back again. Spend a few moments every day thinking about your personal time management and decide if what you are doing is what you really want to do. Get more out of life by organising your time and planning what needs to be done.

Coaches and Consultants

I had entered a new field of work not too long ago, and I was struggling terribly. I wanted to do everything on my own, and I realised that I was wasting unnecessary time and money. That was when I decided to sign up for a course and seek professional help. That was when my learning improved leaps and bounds.

It is good to get a coach to help you jump start. You can’t expect to learn the piano on your own without getting somebody to point out the flaws in your technique and how you can improve. If you are keen on management, there are courses available. People already have gone through similar situations, and they can offer something what is known as hindsight. They can prepare us for such situations and coach us on the finer points.

If you are working in a company, you can approach the training department to hire management consultants for Management Training. The recent promotion you got into a managerial post will bomb if you have absolutely no skills in managing a team.

Days of Being Wild (Dogs)

Schnauzers and other dogs are extremely cute when they are young. I used to stand outside pet shops and look at the puppies inside, knowing my mother would never let me bring home one. Besides, my parents grew up in families where dogs cost nothing free and not considered pets, but rather as guard dogs.

I took the video at a friend’s place. The dog did not belong to her, but her friends. This dog was extremely cute, but it had a habit of messing with my shoes. In addition, since they let him roam around the garden and house, I had to be careful not to let the dog escape whenever I leave the house.

The owners were young, and they did not know how to manage the dog. As the dog grew bigger, it became bolder. It would also try to make its way into the house, and even go up the stairs. It destroyed things in the house. It kept licking and disturbing visitors. Without dog training, the dog did not obey their commands and the young owners ended up screaming at it.

After a few months, I realised the dog was gone. I did not ask my friend immediately. One day, I asked her and she told me that it had been very naughty, so they sold it. I was somewhat upset, but I think it was for the better because they did not know how to take great care of it and control it.

Somehow, it makes me think about us human beings. We have many talents, and we start out good. However, without proper guidance, we are left to our own devices and we cannot help the way we behave. By the time people realise that and scream at us, our habits are too ingrained to be changed.

The great thing is we are able to take things into our hands. We should be able to realise we can change and improve ourselves. We can start by reading up on things we could improve on, and if necessary, get others to help remind us. If possible, get mentors or teachers who are willing to help. To paraphrase a line from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This is something I totally agree with. So, change your mindset before you get kicked out of the picture, just like that schnauzer.