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3 Must Have Secrets To Use The Law Of Attraction

The Universe is ruled by seven Laws. One of these laws is the Law of Attraction (The Law of Perpetual Transmutation). So what is the Law of Attraction? Every single thing consist of energy, from dirt to the birds flying above us to the nails on your fingertips.  Every single thing you set eyes on and touch is constructed of pure energy.  If you take a closer look from molecules to atoms, eventually energy will be the only part left.

What exactly does energy have to do with the the Law of Attraction?  Look at this this, there isn’t any substantial substance holding your feelings and values alongside one another. All your emotions and beliefs involves genuine energy. If energy makes up the World, can’t we use our emotions to create reality?

Our own feelings and emotions attract the negative and positive things that happen to us.  For every situation that transpires in your life, take responsibility for it.  You’re probably contemplating, so how did I attract that stubbed toe I got this morning , ran out of toilet paper and on top of that spilled coffee on my favorite shirt? Stubbing your toe began a sequence of incidents of bad thoughts that triggered a bad beginning to your day. On the flip side, being optimistic can have a chain reaction of positive events into your life.  Commencing your day with the positive view in your life can result in a positive morning.  You will need to believe that you have the power to control the outcome of your day by monitoring your thoughts and emotions.

You will find 3 steps that are significant components to the Law of Attraction.

Ask: You need to mentally create in your mind what you want to arise. The universe would not know what to provide you until you ask for it.

Believe without a doubt that what you’re trying for will manifest itself before you.  Even the smallest hesitation or fear are just going to get in the way of you receiving what you want. Just know that the world has answers for what you ask for.

Receive: You can’t assume what you want is just going to fall in your lap.  In order to manifest your desires, it’s good to try really hard to employ getting what you want. Don’t let chance slip by, when you see a chance, take it! Let life happen and be grateful for it as if your desires have already manifested.

If you found this article to be helpful, and you want to learn more ways to use the Law of Attraction into your life, also  check out What is the Law of Attraction? and Manifest Desires.

Sarah’s 30 Notes Of Happiness

Saw Jeanette’s blog about Top Ten Great Pleasures on things that make you happy, and I came up with a list. I did my own list when I gave a writing assignment some time ago, but I’ll type them out here. I got greedy and came up with 30 things.

1. Seeing a beautiful rainbow in the urban area. (just saw one recently and everyone was crowding to see it)

2. Buying new books. (my job allows me to buy hundreds of books, so I also love the process of choosing them!)

3. Receiving magazines I like in the mail. (love 8 Days for the latest TV show synopsis and gossips, Time and Economist for their current affairs, and Fortune for money)

4. Reaching home on time to catch my favourite drama serials. (I’m a TV addict.)

5. Chatting on the phone with my husband. (Sometimes we chat for an hour before I go to bed)

6. Finishing an entire drama series within 3 days. (TV junkie alert – Desperate Housewives, Jumong, The Legend, and this year alone)

7. Surfing the net. (Especially excited when I check out the deals, and the tips and everything else)

8. Reading a book lying down. (Bad for eyesight, but I love reading)

9. Getting the resident stray cat’s attention. (I’m a closet Cat Lady. Only I don’t feed them. I like to tease the cats by making some sounds, and it’s cute when they turn their heads to look at me.)

10. Getting great response from the people I work with. (Sometimes I have great ideas, and I try them out at work, and they enjoy the sessions.)

11. Laughing at jokes. (Some of my friends are very interesting people.)

12. Helping my friends analyse and visualize their dates. (I get so excited doing this.)

13. Eating cheesecake, warm chocolate cake or chocolate soufflé. (Yum, yum.)

14. Seeing my face or my article in the newspapers. (twice this year already. The next I want to see is my own book published. And lots more!)

15. Seeing my favourite car – Daihatsu Copen. (even if it’s not a good idea to own it)

16. Working out at the gym. (get to exercise)

17. Chatting with my brother and coming up with funny and cool suggestions. (too bad we seldom see each other even though we live in the same house)

18. Watching people’s pets on the Internet. (I used to sit in front of the computer and watch people’s pets on webcam. I don’t own any pets, so I compensate by looking at others’. Plus I even made a video about a friend’s Schnauzer playing.)

19. Reading my favourite blogs. (Quite a lot of favourite blogs such as Beverly, Karen Cheng, Valska, Jeanette among many others)

20. Listening, playing or doing something with music. (I want to write music. Maybe when I get my own work studio when my new house is ready. I’m a lazy singer who only sings once a week at my teacher’s place)

21. Travelling to beautiful places by aeroplane. (I like taking the plane, since I was a kid.)

22. Listening to waves lazing at the beach. (been to Bintan, Redang, Tioman, Hua Hin and Sibu, resorts in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand)

23. Having a massage. (lots of money spent on these.)

24. Discovering something interesting or new. (From internet, or my books. Love self-improvement books)

25. Getting room service at the hotel. (Coz I don’t have to tidy up. And I like eating in the room, plus I like having food delivered to my doorstep. I like staying at good hotels)

26. Checking my bank accounts, investments and other streams of income. (I love money! And having money to spend!)

27. Chasing celebrities from different fields from Asia. (My favourite is Ryu Si Won, Korean actor, I even appeared in some Korean entertainment show because I went to his fan club gathering. And another thou shalt not be named Asian Champion in some sports.)

28. Getting flowers from my husband! (When he has time, he will get them for me from the nursery.)

29. Getting a parking lot in a crowded place. (How can I forget this? 95% of the time I get the lots I want quickly and near to the place I’m heading.)

30. Working on my blogs. (I love blogging. Check out my main blogs at Singapore Profit, Wedding-Breeze and a few others.)

Tell me about your great pleasures, and leave a trackback to your blog! What makes you happy? What are the little things in life that cheer you up?