Calling Her Stupid

I’ve been following a Hong Kong drama serial, Heart of Greed, starring Moses Chan and many other top actors and actresses and one of the characters, Alfred, kept scolding his girlfriend, Tsueng Choi Sum, stupid. He did not like her borrowing money from people or lending money to her brother, because the brother always raked up debts from failed business ventures. Granted, there was reason for him to feel that borrowing or lending money was bad, but he should respect her enough not to call her names.

I had a friend who complained about her then boyfriend calling her stupid and other names. She was extremely upset and despite telling him about how she felt when he did that, he continued whenever he was upset with things.

No matter how angry you are with somebody, do not call the person names, or say the person is stupid. Words can hurt and they may affect one’s self esteem.

However, I also thought the lead actress was silly to constantly allow him to call her stupid. They quarrelled over this matter, but she would always take him back. If he couldn’t respect her, she should not continue the relationship.

It goes the same for how other people treat you. If your parents or boss say such mean things to you, do not allow them to do so. You should control how you feel and not let others control your emotions. More importantly, do not allow them to undermine your self confidence. Stand up for yourself and say in a polite but firm tone that they should treat you with respect.