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It Appeared In the Mail

I am really getting the hang of visualisation. I’m currently on a steep learning curve and I seem to be able to see the big picture of how every little thing I am learning is coming together. I am on this momentum of success and it is simply rolling forward at great speed. So, I was thinking to myself about how I need to organise my insights and learning into a better place.

I’m currently using my diary, which is actually supposed to organise my time and project. It is known as the Rapid Planning Method by Tony Robbins. There isn’t enough space for me and it is not exactly the right place for me, even though there is space for journaling as well. In addition, it is too heavy for me to carry it around.

So, I started thinking about having a black journal. A book I have just read also mentioned getting a journal to record every learning point you gleam every day. Whatever action that you take, be it good or bad, write it down so that you can analyse it and do even better. The actual process of writing it down helps a lot as many of us are kinaesthetic in learning.

I do have keep some of my thoughts in word document because I type faster than I write. Whenever I watch videos online to learn about something new, I will type at the side to remind myself of what I have learnt. However, I feel I need a better place to organise everything.

Hence, I kept thinking about a journal, but just did not have time to get it. I was also thinking of saving some money. So, to my extraordinary delight, I received a black journal from Tony Robbins for my Mastery University course. It was totally unexpected, but I was not surprised to actually get such an item because I am putting out my thoughts.

This makes me think that I really ought to revisit my goals very often, say them aloud and really want them. It’s February and a month has passed since I last wrote down my goals. I see myself getting closer to my goals.

Excuse me while I go and write my thoughts in my black journal of a right handy size.