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I’m someone who strongly believes in learning from others. Many people had gone through the some problems as us, and many more faced worse tribulations in life. However, what makes these people different from us is their ability to bounce back from their failures and become extremely successful. It has to do with their mindset. Positive thinking is something that I am working hard towards.

In this website, I share whatever powerful messages I’ve learnt from books, workshops and other sources. I may not be an expert at everything yet, but I believe that with time, I will be able to achieve great success in whatever I am passionate about. This website also serves as a reminded of what I’ve learnt. The person who learns the most is the person who teaches the lessons. Hence, I hope that whatever I say here will be useful to others, and at the same time guide me to greater heights in personal development.

To find out more on how I started in personal development, do read that article.

Sarah Tan

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  1. hi sarah, a life with 2 sides but u hope to lead them to a positive path. i think life is NOT ONLY in learning from others BUT NOT fear of loosing …. keep up the good work & intention. i hope what you do really helps & wish you all the best.

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