Scrambling Negative Experiences

For the past few months, I had been seriously contemplating a career switch, or at the worst case scenario, I’ll just stay at home and do my own stuff. I had been feeling very stressed at work, and I did not look forward to going to work. I would cry when I drive to work, but after reading Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, I decided to do something about it.

To get rid of negative thoughts, play the scenes where you feel really lousy about yourself. See those experiences like a movie. It could be that of a bad breakup, or your boss scolding you, or any experiences that you have extremely negative vibes about.

After that, replay the scenes backwards at extra fast speed. Distort the scenes and make one person’s head big, or if someone had said something nasty, watch how they swallow their words and imagine the words rushing out from the years like steam. If someone had been nasty, imagine their faces being distorted, or their ears growing till Dumbo’s size. Make the faces green or purple. Then, fast forward the movie, and then backwards many times, until the entire negative experiences become cartoonish and laughable. Add your favourite cartoon’s funny sounds or soundtrack with as much exaggeration and humour.

If you can do this effectively, whatever that has been affecting you for years will no longer affect you. You have broken the pattern of associating such images to pain. Instead, you will see such situations differently.

I tried that, and while I cannot say whether it is hundred percent successful, I already feel so much better about going to work, and even though the workload is still very heavy, I’m actually enjoying myself. I still have some way to go before I resolve my issues about my career path, but for now, I am feeling way better than I did a few months back.

By doing this, you get to break the negative thought pattern. You scramble the sensations. Try it and let me know in your comments. It could be about your phobia towards creatures such as cockroaches and lizards, or an unhappy relationship, or fears about public speaking.

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4 Replies to “Scrambling Negative Experiences”

  1. no leh, i dont think that’ll work..
    it’ll at best increase ur tolerance of being ‘stone’ as you tolerate ur situation. U are also in career rut??

  2. Sort of. So far so good. Perhaps I’m still not facing up to my situation, but before I make changes, I might as well change the way I view work. At least I go to work smiling now.

  3. well, wouldnt this method encourages more thinking about it-although in a detached sort of way. my method is to try and be as “cold” towards it as possible..i.e try to detach as much as possible. but this is short term la.long term is to find what u like and do it

  4. Hi LH, both ways are to try to detach ourselves from the negative feelings.

    Definitely. I have a clear idea about what I want to do, and I’m working towards that.

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