Mental Association

Mental Association is something that you cannot ignore. I was going through a near meltdown just two days ago, because my holiday from work was ending, and I was going back to work. I had come to associate my work with a lot of negative stress. One reason is that I cannot cope with the amount of work.

Even though I was on jugar a la ruleta rusadownload casinocasinos espana portales webganancias casinos pagina webjugar seguro portales webpremio portalesslots comjuego instantaneo internetjugar seguro pagina internetganar dinero portales internettragaperra internetjuego interactivo portal internettragaperra paginas internetjuego interactivo internetcasinos la?neajuego casino pagina web,juegos casino paginas web,juego casinojuegos seguros pagina webpromocion casino portalcasinos paginas internetapostar jugar portaljugar paginas internetonline gamesapuesta dinero pagina internetjugar video pokerplay video pokercasino online ruletajuegos instantaneos paginas webslot machines spielenroulette online spielenslotmaschine spielenonline kasinoscasino video pokerroulette gratis spielenwww roulette detop online kasinosslots gamecasino net pokervideo poker spielecasino spiele downloadkasino gamesjack black online spielenonline casino roulettekasinospiele,casino spiele,kostenlose casino spielegambling onlinegratis casino spieleonline casino forumbest online casinokostenloses kasinosfreeware spiele casinokasino on net a short break, I still had work to do. I had associated the end of the break with working through the night and morning just to complete an assignment, right before the deadline, and maybe even missing the deadline. So, instead on starting on the work much earlier, I went to play my favourite computer game, Civilization IV, for four days non-stop. I’m still thinking about my game, but I decided that I had to do something about it.

I still had to complete my work and there was no way I could run away from it. I went for a meeting before my break was over, and the bosses stressed how important meeting the deadline was and the quality of the report determined how our performance would be graded. I felt myself squirming in my seat. Another colleague showed us his report for us to take a look, way before the deadline.

Instead of going through the same problem that I face all the time, I decided to change my mental associations. It’s called mental disassociations. Instead of associating writing reports to high stress levels, I changed that. I decided to visualise how easy it was for me to find the information, and how easy it was for me to write a report based on the information. I also decided to break the steps down into easier parts, and get started. Usually, I faced difficulty in starting on my work because I had this mental association of how tough it was to find the information I wanted.

To my surprise, I found the information I wanted quickly. It was the second google attempt, and the first file I clicked on that got me what I wanted. Now that I have shifted my mental association, I am going to find the next piece of information as easily as I did, and I am sure I will complete the work by tonight. After all, I had already visualised myself completing that, and working on something else the next day.

Update: I probably need more practice. I took an extra day to complete that, but throughout doing this, my stress levels were extremely low, and I still managed to meet the deadline.

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2 Replies to “Mental Association”

  1. Wow, I can relate to the stress about the deadline, Sarah! Good job managing that – I like the mental “disassociation” practice.

    Very inspiring post! Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

  2. I wish I can use this method more frequently. Right now I’m facing a block, but I’m trying to break down the tasks into more manageable bits.

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