Princess In The Vineyard

The actress who acted in The Princess Hours has acted in a new Korean drama serial, The Man in the Vineyard, is quite cute in her new role as a city girl who goes to learn how to grow and harvest grapes. I cannot remember her name.

When she first goes to the vineyard to work, it is because of a possible inheritance given by a distant relative. However, she cannot adapt to the village because it is extremely backwards and it is a back-breaking job trying to grow the grapes. Her extrinsic motivation is to get the vineyard, which is worth a lot of money, so she forced herself to stay on. Unfortunately, she soon gives up as the hours are punishing, and packs her bags to go home.

When we have an aim to work towards, we cannot simply want something that comes from our hearts. True, many of us want to be rich, but if the process is something that we hate, we will soon give up. Perseverance could only last that long without first finding out about our beliefs. If we strongly believe in caring for the grapes, achieving the goal of getting the vineyard should not be a problem.

For the poor city girl, her goal is not supported by the belief that she can survive in a vineyard. What is interesting is on the day she runs away to the train station, she meets the guy whom she had a major crush on. Trained in cosmetic plastic surgery, he is performing his National Service in the same village. He wants to set up his clinic in Seoul, but it will be extremely expensive to do so. Now that she is fuelled by the belief that to obtain the love of her life, and become a doctor’s wife, she would do everything to support him in whatever he did, her goal is now supported by the new belief that love conquers all.

In the process, she grows in love with the grapes, and the man in the vineyard, and her belief system is further strengthened by the central belief that with her own sweat, she is able to produce delicious organic grapes that would be enjoyed by others, and thus, she goes to great length to ensure the survival of the grapes. The outcome would still be the same, but she is definitely much happier because she has found a purpose in life.

For anyone to succeed in life, we must find something that really motivates us, and what our central beliefs are, before we can determine what our goals are.

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