Read 1 Book A Day To Be An Expert

Do you always complain about not having enough time to read books? And you marvel at people who are able to read a lot even though you struggle to finish one? One simple way is to cut down one hour of television each day, just like what Jack Canfield (the Chicken Soup guy)  said, and put the time to good use.

If you are able to read one book a day, you will be able to be an expert in the field within a short period of time. For example, I’m definitely no expert in choosing wedding gowns, but due to necessity, (I’m taking my wedding photos soon), I read up on various books on how to choose a suitable one. I now know the difference between sweetheart and Contessa necklines, and which one is suitable for me.

To take this further, spend one week reading a subject that you are totally not familiar with. Break out of your comfort zone and read something different. There are plenty of Tattoos books available. For example, you can tell a kid why he must learn to colour within the lines, because that is what Tattoo artists are supposed to do. Different colours are absorbed differently by the skin, and you can use that to teach a child about colours in physics lessons.

When you break out of your comfort zone, you can learn to apply the new acquired knowledge in your current field. For example, if a person who loves to cook decides to read and learn about photography, he or she can simply bring the dishes to life through photos. Or if the person reads about architecture, he or she may be able to serve the food in amazing ways.

The first thing to do is to stop watching that extra drama serial which will suck away 20 hours of your life when you get started on it. With these 20 hours, that’s 20 hours of knowledge to be gained.

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4 Replies to “Read 1 Book A Day To Be An Expert”

  1. Put up my two hands and totally agree with you!

    I like to read books, however, one book a day is rather tight for me. So, I go for one book per week. Is still alright, isn’t it? 52 books annually. The more books you read, the more wisdom you become.

    Let’s start today, be a good bookworm!

  2. Yup, one book per week is great. In fact, you are probably among the top percentile of people who read so regularly.

    I’m trying to achieve the target. Some books can be read quite quickly, while others take a longer time, so I try to strike a balance.

  3. One book/day is impossible for me, my best record is one book a week. Im abit slow in reading & digest the book contents…ur entry reminds me that i had not touch any book for almost 1 1/2 mth, is time for me to start up my engine again….10s 4 ur reminder…

  4. You can play cheat sometimes! Some books are considerably thinner, and more picture based. Other could be shorter.

    Even if you can’t finish the book in one day, reading a little a day should be good enough.

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