Personal Appearance Boosts Confidence

Silvio Berlusconi is a former Prime Minister of Itatly, and I chanced upon a photo of him wearing a bandana while having a stroll with the former Prime Minister of Britian, Tony Blair. We certainly will not catch our local politicians dressed so flamboyantly. It turned out that Berlusconi had just had hair restoration and he was protecting his skin.

Hair on politicians is quite a big issue with politicians, since voters like to see well-groomed politicians. When one magazine did a poll with voters, they said that having grey hair made a politician looked more distinguished, and hence, they were more likely to vote for him. Unfortunately, this opinion is different outside of politics.

There’s a saying that people depend on what they wear to look good, and it is important. One local actress said that she went for interviews with our national carrier 10 times, and they did not accept her application because she did not put makeup. When she finally did on the tenth occasion, she was accepted. It goes to show how people view appearances.

While I am not saying that we should spend lots of money on looking good, we should take an effort to look presentable. If spending some money to look good in order to boost our confidence, it is worth considering, though having hair restoration can be a somewhat drastic move.

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