Meeting Successful People through Dining

There are many people who wish to be rich, but they surround themselves with the wrong type of people, who think that only a select few can ever be really rich. One simple way I found was to go to a fine dining restaurant, though this is an expensive method. On my birthday, just one week ago, my husband brought me to a lovely French restaurant by the Singapore River. We were the first to arrive, so we had full attention. We had champagne and the sun was setting. It was a really romantic sight.

After some time, more people came in, and they were mostly people in the corporate world. They were all smartly dressed, and they talked about their companies and other things in the financial world. They could have been from the Forbes meeting held at Sentosa, or they could be other highfliers. What struck me was that they acted rich and confident. They certainly did not appear to be boastful, unlike some of the people you hear over coffeeshop talk. They certainly were having fun chatting, and definitely not complaining about how everyone in the world owed them a living.

Granted, since a dinner at that restaurant I was at cost at least $200 per person, these people must have been very successful to eat there on a normal working day. Of course, at their level, they would be able to charge the dinners on their company expenses. By being there, it spurred me on to be even more successful in whatever I do in order to be on par with them.

This reminded of the movie I watched last night. While watching Maid in Manhattan starring Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes, one scene that struck me was Jennifer’s mum only wanted to find her daughter a cleaning job after she was fired for wearing the client’s clothes. The daughter had dreams of being a manager in the hotel industry, but her mother did not seem to think she would matter much. Jennifer told her mother to stop thinking that she was incapable of bigger things. True enough, one year later, she worked her way up to be a manager, and she launched her own newsletter in the hospitality field. You might say it is a movie, but it shows us that nothing is impossible.

The people we choose to surround ourselves are very important, so if we need any reminders that we can excel and choose to lead the life we really want, we could go out and meet successful people. Even if you do not know enough successful people, being in their presence should not deter you, but they should inspire and motivate you. This does not mean we could become snobbish and only hang out with people of means. It so happens that people of means tend to have winner’s mindsets. Whether they can be found in Singapore restaurants or San Diego restaurants, do go and eat at fine dining restaurants once in a while. The law of attraction will help us reach our goals in a shorter time.