The Pursuit of Happyness

I was watching The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith last night and I was very impressed by the determination his character, Chris Gardner, showed as he made decisions that changed his life. He was extremely broke, and depended on selling expensive medical scanners. His wife left him, and he demanded the custody of his son, due to his childhood experience of growing up without a father.

His wife mocked him for being unrealistic in getting an unpaid internship at a prestigious stockbrokerage, and was extremely upset when he persisted in that as he was not bringing home money. Though it was not shown, I think from the wife’s perspective, it was important that the husband bring home money, and she was pushed to the limit for she had been working two shifts for a few months to keep the family going.

However, what made me sit up was the continual effort put in by Gardner to follow his dream. He had clear visions of what he wanted. He saw a stockbroker getting out of a sports car, and when he found out that a college degree was not necessary to this job, he was inspired to join. He kept persisting in getting through the door to get his internship, and an arrest due to parking violations did not stop him from getting what he wanted.

With lots of obstacles, including being booted out of his home, and lack of money, he still persisted. Many people would have given up long ago. Many would blame everyone else for the problems instead of themselves. He believed he could do it. There was only one position at the end of the internship, and he really had no choice but to get it.

I really admire his tenacity.

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