Learning About The Law Of Attraction

The universal law of attraction can really be life changing.  Most people seem to believe that they are where they are today by sheer dumb luck.However, that is not actually true. You are today a representative of who you were in the past and what you believed back then.

That maybe hard to hear for some people, but it is the truth.  And one of the things that will have a major impact on your future is the law of attraction. 

Understanding the law of attraction is easy.Whatever you think about most often and whatever you believe about yourself and the outside world will affect you.Do you believe that people are out there to get you and that there are a lot of greedy and mean people around?  If you do then you will run into more and more scams and just plain evil people.

Do you believe that the world really is a wonderful place?If you do the universe will look for ways to bring you that perfect world, you will run into other good people and you will have good luck in all areas of your life. 

In fact people with bad luck will look at you and say things like, “I wish I had good luck like them” and by doing so they are reinforcing their own beliefs that they have bad luck.This is why it is not a good idea to say things like, “that is just my luck” after something bad or unlucky happens to you.

By looking at something bad that happened to you and saying stuff like, “that was just my luck” you are telling the world that this sort of stuff always happens to you.  Subconsciously your mind and the universe will go out of their way to make this a true statement.

Now if you reverse this around and only focus on the good things in life and saying, “I am one lucky person” you are telling the universe that you do have good luck and that things really do work out for you. 

There are plenty of law of attraction techniques for super achievers around that can definately help you to achieve your goals, however just maintaining a positive attitude will really go a long way.  Your thoughts work to create your future, so be careful about what you think and believe.


3 Must Have Secrets To Use The Law Of Attraction

The Universe is ruled by seven Laws. One of these laws is the Law of Attraction (The Law of Perpetual Transmutation). So what is the Law of Attraction? Every single thing consist of energy, from dirt to the birds flying above us to the nails on your fingertips.  Every single thing you set eyes on and touch is constructed of pure energy.  If you take a closer look from molecules to atoms, eventually energy will be the only part left.

What exactly does energy have to do with the the Law of Attraction?  Look at this this, there isn’t any substantial substance holding your feelings and values alongside one another. All your emotions and beliefs involves genuine energy. If energy makes up the World, can’t we use our emotions to create reality?

Our own feelings and emotions attract the negative and positive things that happen to us.  For every situation that transpires in your life, take responsibility for it.  You’re probably contemplating, so how did I attract that stubbed toe I got this morning , ran out of toilet paper and on top of that spilled coffee on my favorite shirt? Stubbing your toe began a sequence of incidents of bad thoughts that triggered a bad beginning to your day. On the flip side, being optimistic can have a chain reaction of positive events into your life.  Commencing your day with the positive view in your life can result in a positive morning.  You will need to believe that you have the power to control the outcome of your day by monitoring your thoughts and emotions.

You will find 3 steps that are significant components to the Law of Attraction.

Ask: You need to mentally create in your mind what you want to arise. The universe would not know what to provide you until you ask for it.

Believe without a doubt that what you’re trying for will manifest itself before you.  Even the smallest hesitation or fear are just going to get in the way of you receiving what you want. Just know that the world has answers for what you ask for.

Receive: You can’t assume what you want is just going to fall in your lap.  In order to manifest your desires, it’s good to try really hard to employ getting what you want. Don’t let chance slip by, when you see a chance, take it! Let life happen and be grateful for it as if your desires have already manifested.

If you found this article to be helpful, and you want to learn more ways to use the Law of Attraction into your life, also  check out What is the Law of Attraction? and Manifest Desires.

Schedule Tasks With A Magnetic Calendar

With the hectic everyday lives of most people, the use of calendars is essential to keep track of everything. When choosing the type of calendar for a person’s needs, one should consider the use of magnetic calendars. For many individuals, calendars are chiefly utilized to keep track of the date. Yet, other people utilize them to recall significant events, delivery and labor schedules, and many others. The magnetic calendar is one of the top alternative for calendars today. With the benefit of being magnetized, it can be placed on a refrigerator or a school locker door. Depending on what is to be kept track of on it, sizes and styles vary.

Regular monthly calendars have the months, dates, and the year already printed on them. These are ideal for basic functions such as reminding birthdays or a personal work schedule. The different images available on these calendars is very wide, which is a great aid in accommodating an individual’s preferences. The standard monthly calendar is usually found in paper format and in sizes that range from pocket book to wall.

The use of a blank monthly calendar is standard for businesses and organizations, such as ones that deal with fund raising. With the slots open, the individual is able to fill in the month and date, as well as the information needed for that day. This type of calendar offers a larger date box for recording more information. Again, an individual can find blank monthly calendars in different designs and sizes depending on his or her preferences.

Businesses can benefit from using blank monthly calendars for many reasons. For in labor scheduling, in-store deliveries and meetings, this type would be perfect. Instead of making use the traditional calendar, a business will find that using a dry-erase calendar is more favorable for the business. With the dry-erase calendar, an individual can simply erase the writings on the face of the board as well as make modifications on the indicated information without being messy.

Fund-raising organizations could benefit from this type because it would enable them to adjust goals, schedule events, and track money totals without causing confusion, which is important for this type of organization. Keeping a strict record of these things is imperative for a fundraiser’s success.

Families, of course, must use a monthly calendar of the same kind. Majority of families have a greatly hectic schedule to monitor, and that does not include birthdays and holidays~Majority of families have a greatly hectic schedule to monitor, and that does not include birthdays and holidays}. Children have sporting events and practices, band or choir concerts and practices, and field trips to remember. Parents rely more on the calendar than their children, when it comes to reminding them of these things. A magnetic calendar works well for the family setting, because it is usually found in the center of most home activity, the refrigerator. if a family has few events planned, using a smaller calendae will do the work. For a family of three children that all involve in sports, choir, band, or other after-school activities then a wider magnetic calendar is necessary. The blank monthly calendar is an ideal type to go with the situation, as well, for the extra space allocated notes.

Classrooms widely use magnetic calendars on blackboards. Individual children’s goals, recess times, lunch times, and activities are recorded on these for all to see. Teachers want their children to learn how to keep track of their lives, even at a young age. In doing so, they are teaching them not only the regular school academics, but also respect and a moral value. Smaller, paper type monthly calendars can usually be found in addition to the larger ones, which hold the children’s birthdays and holidays.

Where are Your Habits Leading You?

Where are Your Habits Leading You?
by Jack Canfield

Your  Habits will Determine Your FutureYou are an accumulation of your habits. From how you get out of bed, how you shower, how you dress, how you walk, sit, and talk, how you respond to the world, how you act in front of others, and how you think; you’re living out your habits.

Habits are necessary.

They free up your mind so you can concentrate on how to survive day to day. You don’t have to think about how to drive your car so you can be on the lookout for danger while you are driving. You don’t have to think about how to walk so you can concentrate on where you’re going.

Unfortunately, habits can also keep you locked in self-destructive patterns, which will limit your success.

Is there something you want to accomplish in life that requires you to up-level your game? Whatever it is that you want to achieve, you will need to drop those bad habits that are lead to a dead-end and develop new ones that are in alignment with the life you want to live.

People don’t suddenly appear in the life they want to live… their habits play a large part in determining their outcome.

What are the habits you have that are keeping you from achieving your goals?

Really be honest with yourself here…

Are you always running late?
Do you return phone calls within 24 hours?
Do you get enough sleep?
Do you follow through on your promises?
Do you plan out your day?

Imagine what your life would be like if all your habits were their productive counterparts!

  • What would your life be like if you ate healthy meals, exercised and got enough sleep?
  • What if you saved your money, stopped using credit cards and paid cash for everything?
  • What if you stopped procrastinating, overcame your fears, and began networking with people in your field?
  • Would your life be different? I bet it would!

So, my suggested action step for you is to write down some productive habits you could adopt and visualize in your life. Step two is to ‘act as if’ you were living these new habits right now!

I’d like to help you get moving toward creating more successful habits, so I’d recommend you develop four of your new success habits each year, one for each quarter.

Once you pick the new habit you’re ready to adopt, next you’ll want to create a method that will support your new habit.

Here are some ideas… You could write it down on a card that you keep with you and read several times a day. You could make it a part of your daily visualization. You could also enlist the help of an accountability partner who has habits to change, or work with a personal coach who can keep you on track.

It’s important to make a 100% commitment to your new habit, so be specific about the steps that you’re willing to take in order to drop an old habit and adopt a new one. Don’t be vague about how you will change your habits. Spell it out for yourself so you can recognize situations that motivate you to act out your new habit.

Just developing four new habits a year will dramatically shift your life to be more in line with your vision. And the more in line it becomes, the easier the other habits are to replace because your perspective is shifting and you can see more clearly how your old habits aren’t serving you anymore.

Make the decision. Make the commitment. Then watch your new, positive life unfold!

I’ll see you in another two weeks in the next edition of Success Strategies. In the meantime, take the time to implement just one of the strategies discussed in today’s issue.

© 2010 The Canfield Training Group
All Rights Reserved.

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How To Stay Inspired Beyond The First Few Steps

Whatever your goals may be, staying motivated is essential in conquering these goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight or start your own business, staying inspired through the process may be a little harder as time goes by. It may not be hard to get motivated when you first begin, it’s carrying this inspiration beyond the first phase of your goal that may be hard. However, if you are dedicated to achieving your goal, read on for more tips on how to stay motivated.

Understand that reaching your goal will require hard work. If you are attempting to lose weight, and have signed on the help of a personal trainer but are feeling discouraged, push through these feelings. Remember that it took you a while to gain the weight in the first place, so it will take time to gradually lose the weight as well.

Keep your goal in mind. What is it that you want to conquer? If you have been trying so hard to achieve something for so long, you may start to lose sight of your ultimate goal. You simply get lost in the process. This is true for whatever your goal may be, if its work related or simply family oriented.

Maybe you thought that pregnancy first would be your priority once you reached your adult life. You’ve dreamt about a family for as long as you can remember, but you’re too busy for another responsibility. What do you do? Stay patient and really think about your priorities.

You may feel a bit discouraged when it seems like you’re not getting anything done right. However, stop this thought process and simply believe in your ability to achieve. If you do not believe in yourself, it will be hard for others to believe in you. After all, you will teach people how to feel and think about you.

When you are feeling like you have not accomplished anything, think about your successes. Track your progress and look at all the good things you have done. This will help you get out of your negative state of mind.

Seek out help when you feel stuck. Humble yourself and know that it is ok to ask for help when you can not finish something on your own. This is applicable to the assembly of sleigh beds or the build up of your own business. When you need help, simply ask. Find someone who is qualified and seek out their help. This will help you avoid getting stuck and keep you moving forward and motivated.

How To Understand Feedback And Use It Effectively

Executive coach and author Marshall Goldsmith wrote, “Feedback is a gift that only other can give.”  If that is so, why do so many people have trouble giving and receiving feedback?
Power is the culprit for much of the trouble we have giving and receiving feedback. When we give feedback we may really be trying to control people. Our resistance to receiving feedback is possibly a resistance to change. 

It can be very useful to clarify the reason for giving feedback before doling it out.  Here are five different types of feedback and suggestions for each. 

Evaluation Feedback: Evaluation Feedback is the most common that you will find in the workplace.It’s also the least helpful. The timeframe at which evaluation feedback comes is always at the end. The end of the performance year. After a week-long class is over. The end of a project.  True, we all need to be willing to rate ourselves, and the evaluation feedback will improve our performance next time.  But why not give and get feedback when we can learn from it real time?

Real-Time Performance Feedback: This type of feedback is usually given by someone whose success depends on you; for example your boss.  While it may be couched as an observation or something for you to think about, when someone shares performance feedback, they intend for you to change your behavior.

It is helpful to get clarifying information when you think that you are receiving performance feedback.  Try asking, “what exactly would you like me to stop or start doing?” Once you’ve gotten the feedback, make the change!

Fine-Tuning: Fine-tuning feedback generally comes from people who are satisfied with the overall job you are doing, but see some areas you could tweak to get even better. One of the best examples of fine-tuning feedback I ever received was from a course participant.  She told me she enjoyed my course and then asked if she could share some feedback.  She shared that when I nodded my head while listening to people in the audience, it made her feel as though I was rushing.  WOW!  This blew me away because I had no idea that my behavior was having this negative impact.

The key to giving fine-tuning feedback is to share the impact a behavior has on you or others.  The giver is not necessarily trying to control or change you. The person receiving the feedback has the chance to decide whether to change or not change, the person giving the feedback is merely sharing how they are impacted.

Feed-Forward: Goldsmith came up with this one years ago. It means giving someone suggestions in advance about how to behave rather than waiting for them to fail and beating them up afterward. For example, my husband had a presentation to give to the executive leadership committee at work, which was the first time he ever did anything like that.  His boss gave him great feed-forward about how to dress, when to speak, how much detail to go into, etc.

Slap Upside the Head: Two years ago, a colleague who is also a great friend sat me down and said, “You are making yourself and others miserable.  What’s going on?”

Only very good friends can give slap upside the head feedback.  It involves personal feedback that people share out of concern and caring. In his book, Who’s Got Your Back, Keith Ferrazzi gives some great examples of this feedback along with the assertion that we all desperately need people in our lives who care enough to give it.

A person giving slap upside the head feedback isn’t giving it with the intent of controlling you or even to change you because it matters to the person giving the feedback. The feedback is given because they understand your personal goals and see how your behavior is keeping you from reaching those goals.
If you are giving feedback:  think through what you want to achieve and give feedback that is appropriate.Remember that if you are not in a position of authority, evaluation feedback is not appropriate.  You can lead a horse to water . . .

Feedback Receivers: We all suffer from a lack of self-awareness at times and feedback is the only way we can learn what our blind spots are.   Even if you ultimately disagree with the feedback, accept it as a gift from the person giving it. If it’s evaluation or performance feedback, you have a chance to change in order to do better in the eyes of others.  If it’s fine-tuning or slap upside the head feedback, you have the choice to change or not.

Wendy Mack is a consultant, speaker, and change catalyst who specializes in helping leaders mobilize energy for change, For more articles and resources on leading and communicating change visit: www.WendyMack.com.

Easy Tips For Contentment

Happiness is the archetypal point for leading a balanced and content life. You cannot think of living life totally if you spend majority of your day fretting about your life. Keeping delighted every time is the key to joy for life. Remember that staying content is no ordeal. It is fairly a quick task, provided you make an effort for the same. Let’s shed some light on easy measures that may help you keep hale and hearty.

Remain off from a bad mindset towards life. The golden rule to bring joy into your life is always to live your life positively. Attempt to stay upbeat about everything in your life. The more optimistic you remain, more likely you are to be happy. A constructive outlook helps prevent getting bogged down from the tensions and issues of life to a brilliant extent. This subsequently aids in living a joyful life.

Reaching out to folks may also help bring in happiness. Loneliness could never make you cheerful. The more isolated you keep yourself, the sadder you’re going to feel. Go out and connect to people. You could begin initiating a connection with a family member or even a chum. Inform them how much you love and care for them. You need not be spending a great deal of time together to stay connected to folks. A straightforward message saying ‘take care’ will serve the purpose.

Be grateful about all you’ve been graced with. Many of us are likely to think of ourselves as victims or unfortunate souls who’ve just received life’s miseries. Feeling miserable as a result will only hinder you from finding genuine joy. Hence, you should look around and count your blessings. Be happy with what you’ve got, be it awesome parents, a house to come home to, proper meals etc. Be humble and be grateful to God for showering you with these presents and privileges. When you begin to appreciate all that you’ve, you will be much happier with your life.

Discover time for yourself and for things that you enjoy the most. Owing to the hectic schedules and the fast moving lives of today, finding time for oneself is fairly a task. However, it’s very vital to do so in case you want to live a cheerful life. Just chase any hobby of your liking. Merely devote a few time to the activity of your alternative, be it painting, photography or another. This will assist your delight meter swoop big.

Well, you could be all negative and brood over things in life, if it results in something fruitful. Nevertheless, this is not the circumstance as it will just invite unhappiness into your life. Simply make use of the provided tips and you’re all set to bring back happiness into your life like never before.

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Do You Think You Can Make A Difference?

Did you know people from all over the world volunteer in Malawi every year? Volunteering in Africa has become very popular over the past 20 years. Volunteering in Dar es Salaam is a definite current favourite among volunteers. These destinations have prospered over the years due to a number of concerning factors. It is obvious that people will only want to travel to countries which are politically stable and have something to offer them. With cities such as Nairobi and Arusha you get exactly this. Not only this but the cities themselves play host to a wealth of activities and attractions which play right into the hands of the volunteers. For example Arusha has in close proximity; Mt Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Ngorogoro Crater amongst many other attractions.

Volunteers obviously want to make the most of their adventure to Africa by seeing the beauty of the landscape and the different cultures within it. This all needs to be taken into account when they choose a location to volunteer in. The main reason for the volunteer travelling to Africa in the first place is to work in their desired field, whether this is teaching children or working with HIV/AIDS orphans.

As more and more regions are becoming accessible to many people, volunteering is becoming more diversely populated. People are now opting to travel to more remote areas to experience a different kind of adventure. These people are not looking for the glitz and glamour of the other attractions of the country but solely intent on dedicating all their time to the project of their choice. The opens up the volunteer spectrum widely.

Regardless of where you choose to volunteer it is an experience that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Not only is it a once in a lifetime opportunity but offers you a good stance in the future with job prospects and career breaks.

Law of Attraction Coach Tells You How to Be a Magnet to Your Desires

Free Life Coach Video

Nanette Geiger, Law of Attraction Expert , writes… …

Few of us walk around truly realizing how we feel in every moment. All of us understand being on automatic pilot and going through the drag of life. In fact, it can be very useful to automate our efforts. Especially if it includes finishing a repetitive project such as raking leaves or peeling potatoes. When you fall into the groove of a repetitive routine, the task can turn into a meditation. Provided you aren’t repeating a complaint or problem around in your mind, being truly present with a repetitive action can be incredibly calming and helpful. Relationship Attraction has never been more powerful with the discovery of the Law of Attraction.

Being on auto-pilot may be fine for repetitious kinds of tasks, but when it comes to meaningful creation, you want to hone in slightly more carefully to what is truly going on in your vibration. Starting some investigative work on your current vibration will assist you in seeing the areas you need to remove some resisting energy or static off the line. When you acquire a clear, uncluttered channel of energy, what you desire comes more smoothly and without the mixed bag of results you are accustomed to getting. For example, say you want a lover. You create a lover, but because you’re afraid of being fully emotionally committed, he lives half-way around the world. You may think you are emotionally capable, but if you are getting a mixed result, then you’re transmitting a mixed message. A Law of Attraction Coach can assist you in completely changing your outlook with expert life coaching.

Have a look at your firmly held beliefs. Question your inner dialog. Is it really true? Does clinging to that limiting belief help you? Can you find some of your self-sabotaging behaviors? Interestingly, most of the things we hold to be true concerning life aren’t true. They are beliefs we have inherited. Pose a question of yourself and then hone in to listen to a response. Your inner guide will allow you to see interesting insights if you’re willing to allow yourself to hear them. Law of Attraction Love Relationships are incredibly rewarding and fulfilling past your wildest dreams! Think of someone who is everything you have ever desired in a lover.

Life was originally designed for you to be a success, find happiness, and fulfilled. We all came in with perfectly untainted guiding systems pointing us in the direction of our joy and self-expression. Tune back in to your thoughts and feelings. Pick the highest and best thoughts and emotions possible. Create with a clear message and you will put yourself back in the creative cockpit of your life.

Where to Find the Best Stress Management Training

Financial crisis, rapid changes in the office, new stricter and more stringent policies, higher premiums, rising cost of commodities, etc. all of which amount to more stress for people and further emphasizing the need for better and more effective stress management techniques or methods. There are generally two approaches which you can go about when aiming to relieve stress. There’s the personal (self-help) approach and then there’s the professionally aided approach conducted through stress management training.

If you are on the lookout for the best then none could probably be given as much of the factors that need to be considered falls on you. Your needs for example are different from other people, same as with the problems that you face, meaning; you will be needing a different approach and solution to your problem compared to other people.

In terms of options you have plenty. You can choose from either online or offline stress management training courses that are being offered And as said, everything will depend on your preference. If you are more comfortable learning the techniques at home then you might want to take a look at online options. If you are a more of a hands on person, or you want to share or hear other people opinions, stories, or facts about stress then, offline training might be the one for you.

But regardless of these factors or the different methods that you will be using, the fact still remains that getting stress management training can be beneficial to you. Stress management training, with the use of highly interactive learning programs, teaches individuals a lot of different techniques that will help them improve their organizational skills, rationality when it comes to handling problems as well as relaxation techniques.

Stress management training aims at helping individuals suffering from too much stress as well as anxiety. Not only that, these training programs have also been known to help people get through addictions (alcohol, gambling, smoking etc.), depression, and other forms of physical or psychological ailments. The training can be taken in short courses, which can be started and finished within a week or so, or can also be a part of an on-going therapeutic activity for those who need it.

Covering areas ranging from effective time management, leadership and communication skills, assertiveness, and relaxation, stress management training can help you in becoming an effective individual. If you want more specific details about each of the trainings being given, try searching the web and you will surely be able to get a lot of relevant and useful information. So if you want to get rid of stress while accomplishing a whole lot more, learn more about stress management training as soon as you can. 

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